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Ask Uncle

Bass Angler Issue 42 – Ask Uncle – Originally published by The Bass Angler Magazine in South Africa The Bass Angler February 2015 – Ask Uncle ASK UNCLE WITH GEORGE ROBEY III  We’re happy to report that this feature “Ask Uncle” has found favour with our readers. The BASS ANGLER makes you a more informed […]

by mark lassagne

Fishing Rods – The Confusing Difference

The Rod Blank By Mark Lassagne   Since the beginning of time, anglers have employed some type of rod to entice finned creatures from their watery home. We’ve come along way from the stick and string era to now, when even the savviest angler is confused about what IM rating, guide configuration, grip and reel […]

tournament bass

When Size Matters

Tournament Size Summer Bass By Jody Only with Mark Lassagne Put aside the frustrations and focus Although there are differences within every fishery, an important commonality is that they each hold one or more places that normally house quality fish. This big bass locale may be a known community hole or it may be a […]

Bass Angler Magazine

BAM Winter

BAM! Winter 2015 Issue Also available at TackleWarehouse , Bass Pro Shops, Gander Mountain, Cabelas and better tackle shops across the US Here is  a quick sneak peek into Bam’s Winter 2015 Issue. Want to read more? Click on the below link and get Hooked Up!

clear lake by mark lassagne

A Lake for all Seasons

There’s a reason so many bass anglers consider Clear Lake to be their favorite water no matter the season, because it consistently kicks out quality fish. Its attraction however, goes beyond numbers in the livewell. This is lake, which on any given day, could produce the fish of a lifetime. Springtime is legendary for its […]

bad fishing weather

A Good Day to Fish

Bad weather happens but don’t let it keep you home. When faced with a cloudy day during any of the warmer months it is the time to put away the slow moving baits and tie on a top water or fast moving bait. The wind will dictate the type of top water bait you throw. […]

vote 4mark

Bass Angler Magazine Editor-in-Chief Takes to the Water for ProPatterns Film Contest

Bass Angler Magazine Editor-in-Chief Takes to the Water for ProPatterns Film Contest   VOTE 4 MARK – CLICK HERE   As the ProPatterns Exposed Eligible? film contest enters its final month, Mark Lassagne, Editor-in-Chief of the popular quarterly Bass Angler Magazine, set out on the water with camera to capture a day of fishing that […]

mark lassagne day on the delta wide copy

A Summer Day on the Delta

It was Wednesday, July 9th we launch at 5:15 AM. Since, it was still dark out we got on the trolling motor instead of using our usual run. I choose to use a noisy bait that the fish could find. We both had a River2Sea Whopper Plopper tied on, same bait in the same color, […]


No Bass Today!

Can you learn by not catching a bass? Every time you go bass fishing it’s a learning experience adding a little more to what you already know or think you might know. No matter how good you are you won’t catch bass on every outing. As you head off down the lake what makes you […]