• Pardee Media Day 2014 – Lucky or Good?
  • Sometimes things just go your way
  • BAM on the Water with R2S



Pardee Media Day 2014 – Lucky or Good?

Bass fishing is all about decisions, make the right one and you’re a hero, the wrong one a zero. What was the decision you made last time you went fishing? Was it right, wrong or somewhere in between? Most importantly what did you learn from your outing? On April 13th Ultimate Bass Radio  / Kent […]


Sometimes things just go your way

Bass Fishing in April on the California Delta at the California Tournament Trail (CTT) event April in California can be the best fishing in your life where you can catch two 10 pound bass and a limit of 7 pounders in a single day or it can be a day where you can’t get a […]


BAM on the Water with R2S

By Jody Only Frog Fishing Report from Kelsey Bass Ranch where Mark and Angelo were fishing from the Bait Barn boat, thanks to Manny Basi.  Bass Angler Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Mark Lassagne and River2Sea pro staff Angelo Alorro set out to find the bite at Kelsey Bass Ranch.  Each with a River2Sea Bully Wa in hand […]


Angler West Television

Friday September 14th Russ Meyer and Mark Lassagne filmed an informative Angler West TV show HOW-TO spoon for bass on Lake Shasta. We took off from Jones Valley and headed up the Pit River to just before the thermocline  (the horizontal thermocline that is) and started fishing two creek inlets with trees.  The bass and […]