• A Summer Day on the Delta
  • No Bass Today!
  • Pardee Media Day 2014 – Lucky or Good?


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A Summer Day on the Delta

It was Wednesday, July 9th we launch at 5:15 AM. Since, it was still dark out we got on the trolling motor instead of using our usual run. I choose to use a noisy bait that the fish could find. We both had a River2Sea Whopper Plopper tied on, same bait in the same color, […]


No Bass Today!

Can you learn by not catching a bass? Every time you go bass fishing it’s a learning experience adding a little more to what you already know or think you might know. No matter how good you are you won’t catch bass on every outing. As you head off down the lake what makes you […]


Pardee Media Day 2014 – Lucky or Good?

Bass fishing is all about decisions, make the right one and you’re a hero, the wrong one a zero. What was the decision you made last time you went fishing? Was it right, wrong or somewhere in between? Most importantly what did you learn from your outing? On April 13th Ultimate Bass Radio  / Kent […]


Sometimes things just go your way

Bass Fishing in April on the California Delta at the California Tournament Trail (CTT) event April in California can be the best fishing in your life where you can catch two 10 pound bass and a limit of 7 pounders in a single day or it can be a day where you can’t get a […]