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mark lassagne culls a three pounder
Now that’s a good cull

Flappin Hog Strikes Again

Yamamoto pro Mark Lassagne puts the Pumpkin Red 4.5” Flappin Hog to work to work on the California Delta with two 2nd place finishes in two weeks, the Angler’s Choice event with Mike Coleman out of B&W Marina and the Don Lee memorial event out of Russo’s with Angelo Alorro.  In addition, Mark also landed 8lb bass at both events and every fish weighed was caught on a Yamamoto Flappin Hog.

Mark targeted hyacthin and hydrilla matts in the west and central regions of the Delta using a 4.5” Yamamoto Flappin Hogs, 1oz River2Sea Trash Bomb weight, 3/0 Super Heavy Duty Gamakatsu flippin hook, 65lb braid, 7.3:1 Helios reel and the TCS 7.11 Matt Daddy XH rod.

What to look for, Mark said it’s pretty simple,  “look for hyacthin and hydrilla matts on flat rounded points with current and fish them very fast. Bigger fish are far a few between where fishing fast and covering water is the key. These big ones (over 5lbs) usually bite the Flappin Hog right away so you don’t need to soak your bait for more than a couple seconds.  Pitch it out shake it through the mat let it fall to the bottom, lift it up – if it’s heavy set – if not lift it up and down twice and hit the next spot five or six feet away from the last spot”.

Mark goes on to say, “Equipment is so important with this technique because most times you can hardly tell a bite from hitting something underwater cover and this is where a light weight sensitive rod comes into play.  When I’m out punching or flipping I’m catching 75% more fish than the other guys on the boat for the simple fact I can feel it and many times will set the hook on instinct because I can feel it.  I’m so hard on this rod flippin 5, 6, 7 lbers in the boat I’m amazed how it holds up.

Tip 1: Lock the drag down on your Helios reel and never let up once you hook up.

Tip 2: Most times with a 4.5” Flappin Hog I use a 4/0 Gamakatsu hook but if you find yourself missing fish switch to a 3/0 hook – sometimes the fish bite funny where the smaller hook works better.

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