A Good Day to Fish

Bad weather happens but don’t let it keep you home.

When faced with a cloudy day during any of the warmer months it is the time to put away the slow moving baits and tie on a top water or fast moving bait.

The wind will dictate the type of top water bait you throw.

If it’s flat and calm you will want to use a small popping style bait like a RICO, River2Sea Bubble Pop or DUO Popper 64

With a light breeze you’ll want to switch to a walking style bait like a DUO Pencil 110, Zara Spook, River2Sea Rover.

If the wind picks up more pick up a buzz bait. Use a single blade for a medium wind and a double buzzer  if it gets pretty choppy.

If it gets too windy a subsurface bait like a spinnerbait would do the job for example a River2sea Bling or a DUO jerkbait. Both these baits fished just under the surface.

Warm days with some weather can be the best fishing of your life.

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