Fish Clipper

I’ve found a new product that will help keep your rods organized, lures safe and more…..¬† Watch the Video at

Fishclipper logo

Fishclipperª Product Page

The Fishclipper is the first fishing safety clip on the market to secure loose hooks dangling from your fishing rod and prevents hook injuries. The Fishclipper is designed to hold treble or single barb hooks and prevent tangled fishing rods. The Fishclipper lets you transport or store your fishing rods securely while still having your tackle attached to your line.

A familiar clipping function allows you to completely enclose the treble or single barb hook. The Fishclipper is assembled, packaged and shipped in the USA. There is no substitute for the original Fishclipper.

Fishclipper attached to the fishing rod

Fishclipper Side view

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