Hooking Up an Aqua-Vu to your Garmin Depthfinder

Installing the Aqua-Vu AV Multi-Vu HD allowing underwater video to be viewed side by side with your downscan or traditional sonar on the newer Garmin units.  Purchase the Multi-Vu here

We start by un-boxing the Aqua View and gathering the necessary tools to install which consisted of a power screwdriver, wire pliers and a few electronic connectors.

The set up was so easy we didn’t even need the instructions.

  1. Remove the front panel to access 12v power and ground
  2. Connected the power and ground – red and black wires to a switched power source
  3. Fish the video out wire through the current hole for the transducer and depth finder wires
  4. Mount the Multi-Vu box next to the Garmin with the supplied screws
  5. Using the supplied adapter hook up the video cable to the Garmin unit
  6. Install the weight and fin on to the camera
  7. Hook up the camera wire to the Multi-Vu box
  8. Turn on the Garmin unit and select the combo screen where you’d like the video to display
  9. Tap on the combo box (touch screen models), select menu then change that box to video 1 or 2
  10. You’re done and ready to see the underwater world

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