If I just had another 39 minutes I’d…


By Mark Lassagne

Is there ever enough time, what  if I had another 30 minutes I would have had a limit. “We’ve all been there.” Or “They were just starting to bite and I had to leave” What if you could have another 30 minutes or more, each and every time you’re on the water? It’s easier than you might think and “THINK YOU MUST”. Bass fishing is a thinking man’s (or Women’s) game, it’s a puzzle and the first one who puts the pieces together first wins.

Here’s the time crunchier for most anglers, “CHANGING LURES”, you say “yea so” everybody has to change lures. On the average you will change lures 10 to 30 times a day. Three times each hour times 8 hours, is 24 lure changes and that is every 20 minutes. Ten times is a little more than one per hour. Do you see where were going if you can cut down the number if times you change baits or speed up the time it takes to change baits we have gained time.

We may not be able to change the number of times we change baits but we can speed up the process. I have invented “kinda” this new state of the art lure changer that will change your lure in less than half time. Can you imagine how much time this is in an average day? During several Bass Master Events I have literally watched an angler take five or more minutes to find and replace a lure not just once but several times throughout the day.

If they used my lure changer method they could have had an extra 10, 20, 50 minutes more, during an event. During those Bass master days I wasn’t sharing my secret; they were competitors and beside it amazed me how much time they wasted. Not that I’m bad guy but…. picture this, Were fishing pro on pro in a BASS event, the other guy in the boat is looking up from their tackle box asking “hey Mark how about this one”? I would reply do you have a chartreuse one or one with different blades or anything to keep them digging and me fishing. Sometimes I would laugh..ok maybe it wasn’t nice but if you were there watching you’d think it was funny too.

Imagine this…. You’re fishing, going down the bank and not getting bit, thinking you want to change lures. But wait, before you sit down in your boat and rifle thorough your hundreds of lures “STOP”. Not for very long because we are saving time. Now just think what lure you want to change to and then where that lure is in your boat. This will save you tons of time read on…….. Now change the bait but only in your mind, pretend you’re fishing it; see how it feels work it along the bank and see if it’s the one you want. Say your cranking Jackal CR60 down a rock wall and you want to switch up to a Pepper Clear Water Elite Spinner bait see the bait in your boat pull it out tie it on (in your mind), try it for a few casts an see if you like it. Sounds sort of freaky but it really works. If that one doesn’t work try another bait all the while your crankbait is still working and you didn’t burn up valuable time scrounging through your tackle.  Once you find the bait you want remember where it is got there and tie it on for real. Give it a try, save some time and catch more fish!

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Mark Lassagne free lance writer, pro bass angler and the publisher of Bass Angler Magazine.

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