Mark wearing the Eyzgear retainers while fishing

GEAR TEST – Eyzgear glasses / hat retainer – never lose a pair of glasses again.

This product was intended to hold you glasses from falling off the top of you hat which it works perfect for but I also found that wearing the Eyzgear retractable retainers when your hat flies off it will stay right behind you hear and not in the water.

The retainers clip to your hat with a small but sturdy clip and then a loop that connects to your glasses.

Comfort – With the retainers installed you won’t even know they are there.

Style – The black finished model is stylish but really is barley visible when on.

Durability – After a month of use there has been no issues even testing them at 50 – 60 MPH letting my hat fly off.

Installation –  As expected it takes a little work getting them on to your hat and finding the right position but once installed they stay on.

Cost – at $14.95 they may seem expensive but most hats are over $20 and a pair polarized glasses run from $50 to $200 where the $15 is like cheap insurance.

I found the Eyzgear to be a simple yet innovative product saving you from losing your glasses and hat.

You can purchase Eyzgear here


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