Removing Hard Water Spots

Mark Lassagne and Bass Angler Magazine tested two marine cleaners to remove hard water spots from his Triton boat and Mercury outboard.

Mark’s boat has been across the country in many different bodies of water including Lake Mead and Lake Havasu in 110 plus degree days where the hard water seems to etch into most any boats finish and is very difficult to remove.

After attending ICAST and the FLW Cup we found two different companies that manufacture boat cleaning products.

4REEL PRODUCTS who manufactures an assortment of cleaning products and PRO-TEC who manufactures a host of boat and RV cleaners and polishes.

Products tested were 4Reel cleaner – a general cleaner for a variety fishing and boating products that we hoped would help remove our hard water spots and Pro-Tec hard water spot remover. For results see the video

Below are water water spots found on our Power Pole and the splash well – before and after cleaned with Pro-Tec

All in all we found the Pro-Tec water spot remover a good product for just that, removing hard water spots and those chalky water stains around the outboard engine and steering components. With a little elbow grease your boat will look like new again.

As far as general cleaning for all your fishing products the 4Reel Cleaner did a great job, though touted as a Reel cleaner is does a good job of cleaning most everything in your boat including your reels but when it come to water spots it falls a little short.

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