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Anglers are now spotting Kinami baits in more and more stores, from your local Walmart to Bass Pro Shops, it looks like Derek Yamamoto’s plastics are catching on. Professional bass angler Mark “EZ Bass” Lassagne draws upon his tournament experience to experiment and evaluate the Kinami Palm Tree. Here is my review:

Introduction: Lure covers are certainly not a brand new concept, and there have been a number of which that have been introduced throughout the years, many of which found mixed responses from the market. EZ Bass (Professional Angler, Mark Lassagne) and Zander take a look at CoverLure premium lure covers to see what makes this product unique and different from traditional offerings.


Press Release – An exceptional “Must Have” fishing tool is slated to hit news stands in November. “Even if you have seen it before you need to check out this issue”! Published by pro bass angler Mark Lassagne, the 2008 Bass Angler’s Guide the magazine’, provides western anglers with incite on a host of bass fishing subjects. The Guide’; in addition, is the only publication that provides important tournament information for the entire West Coast (New Mexico-West).


Lures – Persuader: Persuader makes some of the highest quality spinnerbaits on the market. Using only the best components these tournament proven lures are highly regarded by the pros. Mark Lassagne a pro himself, showed us the new high quality spinnerbaits which feature even more detailed finishes, attractive holographic skirts, a long shank Mustad hook, and a vast variety of blades. In addition Persuader fans will be happy to note that the company is also bringing to market a new assortment of swimbaits. These lures are thinner and lighter then most swimbaits and actually a lot more forgiving then some of the current competitor offerings. The soft thin body makes it possible to vary the speed of the lure and still generate good tail whipping action. There is even a small rattle embedded in the tail of the swimbait to produce supplementary fish attracting noise with each thrash of the tail.


This year the ASA (American Sportfishing Association), purchased the show in partnership with Fred Hall and Associates and sought to improve the event with new attractions, and a greater emphasis on tackle tailored towards regional applications. “We’re looking forward to building on the past successes of the San Francisco Sports and Boat Show, especially by giving sportfishing companies the opportunity to offer a stronger showing of fishing gear for northern California’s anglers,” said Mike Nussman, President and CEO of the American Sportfishing Association.

What this new partnership essentially translates into for attendees is a bigger, better show. This year a number of big name pros made special appearances at the show, running seminars and providing hands on instruction. Pros like Gary Dobyns, Al Lidner, Roland Martin, Randy Pringle, Skeet Reese, Mark Lassagne, and Captain Jose Wejebe all conducted workshops sharing valuable insights about their respective specialties. Between presentations there was plenty to do including trying your luck at the Triton virtual challenge bass fishing simulator, learning to cast a fly outfit, taking the kids out to the Berkley kids trout pond, or cheering on the ESPN DockDogs. Anglers looking for killer deals took advantage of major show discounts from Outdoor Pro Shop or HI’s Tackle Box.


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Mark Lassagne free lance writer, pro bass angler, publisher, and bass guide would like to give a special thanks to his sponsors:

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