Traditional Sonar vs Garmin LiveScope

What’s Down There By Mark Lassagne

Here are a couple screenshots from the Garmin Panoptix LiveScope.

Every time I’m out fishing, I’m amazed at the image detail we can view beneath the water’s surface. I think the only way to get a better view is with an Aqua-Vü underwater camera.

Image #1

Image #1 reveals a large ball of bait, several trees, and some bass moving in and around those trees. However, this image doesn’t really do the experience justice, for after watching a while we could see the fish charge the bait and then retreat to the cover of the trees. With each cast I could see my shakyhead descend into the fish just before I’d catch one.

Because we were able to observe the behavior of the bass using Panoptix LiveScope, we landed about 15 bass from this spot.



Image #2 is a screenshot from the same area, only slightly earlier in the day and about 4 feet shallower. You’ll notice we can easily pick out the trees but there’s no bait and no bass.

Even though this area has similar cover as the area in image #1 we didn’t catch any bass in this spot.

Image #2

The biggest take away here is that when using a traditional sonar—or even ClearVü without LiveScope—there’s no way to see the fish actively moving around.



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