West Coast Bass Pro Am tournament, on the California Delta, March 27 – 28

Over 100 anglers gathered for registration and pairings, to kick off the West Coast Bass Pro Am stop on the California Delta on March 27 – 28.

While fishermen found themselves choosing swimbaits from the free tackle trials offered by Canyon Plastics, the Hook, Line and Sinker hosted the West Coast Bass Welcome BBQ with Larry Viviano at the wheel, raffling off more gear giveaways.

On registration night, hopes were as big as, the boasts of the bags in the pre fish period. However, fishing on day one found a fish tale or two in those big bass boasts from the night before.

With the 100 plus anglers on the hunt for the honey hole that was going to produce the biggest bag, only 11 boats brought in over 20 lbs, and 33 landed a limit.

That first day wound down with Nick Welton waiting in the wings to see if his 9 lb 9 oz big fish would hold up.

Safelight saw Day Two start with the sky clouded over, virtually no sun to speak of and rain appearing inevitable.  Expectations weren’t dampened, as water temps hovered in the mid 50’s and the potential for a top water bite was on the minds of many.

Ready to swing for the fences to top off his 26 lb 35 oz sack from the prior day, Mike Folkestad blasted off as the leader of day two . Folkestad found finikier fish on Sunday, but still took a home the 5th place check.

As the tournament time came to a halt, and the bass were brought to the scales, the tale of the tape determined the angler’s fate.

The only angler to boat over twenty pounds on the two consecutive days, Mike Sasso had a total tournament weight of 43 lbs 02 oz, that earned him first place and $4000.

Four grand is a nice payout for a weekend of fishing, but the best part of a West Coast Bass Tournament is that any single fish, on any single cast can be worth thousands. With the 2010 Big Fish Mega Pool, an angler doesn’t have to weigh a twenty lb sack to cash.  They don’t even have to land a limit every day or even one day.  Mega Big Fish pool pays for one fish.

Every angler knows any cast can catch a personal best.

On the Delta any cast can catch the fish of a lifetime, but in a West Coast Bass tourney any cast can catch thousands in cash.  Thanks to the WCB Mega Big Fish option, Nick Welton’s day one cast that brought that nine plus to the boat put over 3 grand in his pocket.

The West Coast Bass circuit will make its final stop on the Delta in May.  Don’t miss your chance to cast for a Delta PB, a fish of a lifetime or one single fish worth thousands of dollars.

Rounding out the Top of the first Delta stop


  • 43.02      Mike Sasso
  • 40.02      Rick Rudd
  • 39.08      Mark Shelly
  • 38.95      Philip Dutra
  • 38.17      Mike Folkestad

Mark Sasso                                 Rick Rudd                                       Mark Shelly


  • 40.53     Eric Epperson
  • 38.76     Steve Flanders
  • 38.73     Mike Coss
  • 38.29     Brian Pyle
  • 37.11     Randy Sweigart

If the results aren’t enough and you’re wondering what else happened in the tournament …

The West Coast Bass Delta tournament was honored to have legendary fisherman, the Father of Flippin’ Dee Thomas, who weighed over 20 lbs the first day,with co angler Tami Curtis and finished out the tournament with co Brian Pyle, for a two day total of 36 lbs 63 oz, that cashed Dee a 7th place check.

Dee Thomas

The Delta Pro Am, also saw Mark Mendez , President of U.S. Anglers Choice Tournament, as one of the few who landed a limit over 20, on day one.

U.S. Reel Pro Staff and creator of The #1 Bass Fishing Publication in the West! – Bass Anglers Guide,  Mark Lassagne watched the scale intently.  He weighed in a two day total of 27 lb 16 oz . With only .01 ounce more, Jigg Benn’s total tournament weight of 27 lb 17 oz, was enough to top Mark’s and win him the “Beat the Pro Staff”, contest within the contest and net Jiggs a new reel courtesy of U.S. Reels.

Partnered on the final day on the Delta, Bret Leber and Chris Ricci are both in the running for Pro and Co Angler of the Year. Ricci’s sittin’ in the 12th spot on the co side and Leber’s holdin’ on to 3rd on the pro side for 2010 contenders.

More big fish wishin’ and showin’ off the day’s catch at weigh in

The Before and After

Travis Moran brings the Delta tournament to a close, with promises of a “before and after” picture. Here is the “before”, he will have to bring the “after”, when the WCB tournament returns to the Delta, May 15 -16.

The Delta tournament coverage will air on Angler West TV, this Sunday, April 18 on Comcast Sportsnet California.  Check local listings.  This event is also available on DVD.

Full color print exposure will be available in Bass Angler’s Guide.

Real time coverage of the Tournament Weigh-In’s are broadcast live on the  West Coast Bass website.

The first event in the WCB Pro Am series was the Clear Lake season opener.  The circuit will make a trip to Lake Shasta on April 24 – 25 and the May 15 – 16 stop will see the anglers back on the California Delta.

Spots are still available, contact Larry Viviano for more information.

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