BAM on the Water with R2S

Mark Lassagne by Tackle tour

By Jody Only

Frog Fishing Report from Kelsey Bass Ranch where Mark and Angelo were fishing from the Bait Barn boat, thanks to Manny Basi.  Bass Angler Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Mark Lassagne and River2Sea pro staff Angelo Alorro set out to find the bite at Kelsey Bass Ranch.  Each with a River2Sea Bully Wa in hand the fishing team racked up over 50 bites in five hours on the private lake.  “It was a great day of fishing; anytime you can get ten bites an hour is a great day fishing,” Lassagne noted in his on the water interview.

They broke down the day with the following details:

They reeled in about a dozen and a half of the bites.  They lost five after the hookup on the way to the boat.  Everything they caught came in at 2 to 4-lbs.  “Most of what we got in was in the 3-lb range; but we saw a couple that were at least fives blow up on the frog,” explained Lassagne. One of their largest of the day, a four plus, was caught punchin’.  “I got it on my second cast but I didn’t punch that long and went back to the frog after a few casts,” said Lassagne.

“The bass were aggressive, today,” remarked the BAM fishermen.  “They came up and hit the line, they blew up hard on the Bully Wa and some even jumped over it in the water,” he continued.  Lassagne attributed the blow-ups on the line to the large amount of dragonflies they saw on the water.

Lassagne continued describing the difference in their choice of frogs.  He threw the Dirty White Bully Wa with 65# McCoy braid, most of the day and Alorro  gave it a go with a Mud Bird.   “There was really no difference in the number of bites, how hard they hit or the hook up ratio between the dark and light colors of each of our baits,” noted Lassagne.

The Bully Wa 65 was BAM’s bait this week.  The Bully Wa comes in four sizes that start with the Baby Bully at 3/16-oz and go up to the Bully Wa 75 at 3/4-oz.   The 65 is 2 1/2-inches long and weighs 5/8-oz with EWG #4/0 hooks.

In addition to the BAM anglers, Kelsey Bass Ranch has been visited by a number of notable bass anglers in its 70-year history.  For information on testing the bass ranch bite for yourself, visit their website.

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