2023 Season

1/7WWBT TeamsLake ShastaRedding, CA8th
1/14 to 1/15NewJen BassLake ShastaRedding, CA
1/27 to 1/29WWBT Pro-AmLake ShastaRedding, CA
2/2 to 2/4MLF Toyota Series Pro-AmLake HavasuLake Havasu City
2/11WWBT TeamLake OrovilleOroville, CA
3/3 to 3/5WWBT Pro-AmLake OrovilleOroville, CA
3/10WWBT TeamDon PedroLa Grange, CA
3/16 to 3/18MLF Toyota Series Pro-AmCal DeltaOakley, CA
4/15 to 16Bass Shoot OutTBA
4/20 to 4/22MLF Toyota Series Pro-AmCal DeltaOakley, CA
5/5WWBT TeamCal DeltaOakley, CA
5/11 to 5/13APEX Pro TourTBA
5/19 to 5/21WWBT Pro-AmCal DeltaOakley, CA
7/14 to 7/16APEX Pro TourTBA
8/4 to 8/6WWBT Pro AmColumbia RiverTri-Cities, WA
9/8 to 9/10APEX Pro TourTBA
9/16 to 9/17WWBT Team ChampionshipLake ShastaRedding, CA
10/6 to 1/7WWBT Pro-Am ChampionshipLake BerryessaNapa, CA
9/27 to 9/29APEX Pro TourTBA
10/2 to 10/4MLF Toyota ChampionshipTable Rock LakeBranson, MO

2022 Season

1/7 to 1/9APEX Pro TourLake MohaveKatherine’s NV13th
1/15Wild West  Bass TeamLake ShastaRedding, CA17th
1/26 to 1/30Wild West Bass Pro AmLake ShastaRedding, CA93rd
3/3 to 3/6Major League FishingLake HavasuLake Havasu City, AZ30th
3/12Wild West Bass TeamLake OrovilleOroville, CA19th
3/18 to 3/20Wild West Bass Pro AmClear LakeLakeport, CA18th
4/2Wild West Bass TeamClear LakeLakeport, CA43rd
4/22 to 4/24APEX Pro TourTrinityTrinity, CA34th
4/28 to 4/30Major League FishingClear Lake Clearlake, CA32nd
5/7Wild West Bass TeamCal DeltaOakley, CA49th
5/13 to 5/15APEX Pro TourColumbia RiverArlington34th
5/13 to 5/15APEX Spartan 580Columbia RiverThe Dalles6th
6/2 to 6/4Major League FishingCal DeltaBethel Island, CA32nd
6/10 to 6/12APEX Pro TourSan VicenteLakeside, CA27th
8/5 to 8/7Wild West Bass Pro AmColumbia RiverKennewick, WA13th
9/16 to 9/18Wild West Bass Pro AmCal DeltaOakley, CA27th
10/30 to 11/2WWBT Team ChampionshipLake ShastaRedding, CA40th
11/3 to 11/5MLF ChampionshipLake GuntersvilleGuntersville, AL34th
11/11 to 11/13WWBT Pro ChampionshipLake ShastaRedding, CA40th
2022 Season AOYMajor League FishingWestern Div23rd
2022 Season AOYWild West Bass Pro-Am6th

2021 Season

1/2/21Wild West TeamLake ShastaRedding, CA10th
1/14 to 1/16Wild West Pro-AmLake ShastaRedding, CA94th
2/19 to 2/22New Jen Pro-AmLake ShastaRedding, CA33rd
3/13/21Wild West TeamLake OrovilleOroville, CA15th
3/26 to 3/28Wild West Pro-AmCal DeltaOakley, CA44th
4/8 to 4/9APEX CupColumbia RiverArlington, OR21st
4/17/21Wild West TeamCal DeltaOakley, CA1st
4/23 to 4/25Apex CupLake AlmanorAlmanor, CA19th
5/13 to 5/15MLF Toyota SeriesCal DeltaOakley, CA3rd
5/22/21Wild West TeamClear LakeLakeport, CA44th
6/11 to 6/13Wild West Pro-AmClear LakeLakeport, CA19th
7/9 to 7/11Apex CupLake CamancheIone, CA 19th
7/30 to 8/1Wild West Pro-AmColumbia RiverKennewick, WA7th
8?3 to 8/5MLF Toyota SeriesCal DeltaOakley, CA34th
8/20 to 8/22Apex CupOroville After bayOroville, CA5th
8/28 to 8/29Bass Cat Owners EventCal DeltaBethel Island, CA10th
9/23 to 9/25MLF Toyota SeriesLake HavasuLake Havasu, AZ28th
10/2 to 10/3Wild West Team ChampionshipDon PedroLaGrange,  CA14th
10/16Diablo Valley Hawg HuntersLake BerryessaNapa, CA1st
10/22/ to 10/24APEX Cup ChampionshipCal DeltaIone, CA15th
11/5 to 11/7Wild West Pro-Am ChampionshipCal DeltaOakley, CA23rd
11/14Phil’s Props TournamentShastaRedding , CA3rd
1/11/20Wild West TeamLake ShastaRedding, CA43rd
1/24 to 1/26Wild West Pro AmLake ShastaRedding, CA92nd
3/8/20Wild West TeamClear LakeLakeport. CA115th
2/28 to 3/1Wild West Pro AmNew MelonesAngles Camp, CA15th
6/12 to 6/14Wild West Pro AmCal DeltaAntioch, CA18th
7/11/20Wild West TeamCal DeltaBethel Island, CA69th
7/22 to 7/24WON Bass Open Pro AmClear LakeLakeport. CA43rd
7/31 to 8/2Wild West Pro AmColumbia RiverRichland, WA34th
8/19 to 8/21FLW Pro AmCal DeltaBethel island, CA3rd
9/24 to 9/26FLW Pro AmClear LakeRed Bud Park65th
10/3/21Wild West TeamClear LakeLibrary Park38th
10/4/21Wild West Team OpenClear LakeLibrary Park8th
10/10 to 10/11Wild West Team ChampionshipClear LakeLibrary Park42nd
11/13 to 1115Wild West Pro Am  ChampionshipClear LakeLibrary Park23rd

2019 Season

1/12/19Wild West TeamLake ShastaRedding, CA58th
1/25 to 1/27Wild West Pro AmLake ShastaRedding, CA94th
2/23/20Wild West TeamLake Don PedroLa Grange, CA5th
2/28 to 3/1FLW Costa Pro AmLake MeadHenderson, NV78th
3/16/20Hawg HuntersLake BerryessaBethel Isl, CA1st
3/23/20Wild West TeamLake BerryessaNapa, CA24th
3/29 to 3/31Wild West Pro AmNew MelonesAngles Camp, CA5th
4/10 to 4/12WONBASS Open Pro AmClear LakeLakeport, CA75th
4/13/20Wild West TeamCAL DeltaOakley, CA75th
4/26 to 4/28Wild West Pro AmCAL DeltaOakley, CA47th
5/16 to 5/18FLW Costa Pro AmClear LakeLakeport, CA75th
5/31 to 6/1Wild West Pro Am  ChampionshipClear LakeLakeport, CA22nd
7/20/20Hawg HuntersCAL DeltaBrentwood, CA/1st
8/17/20Hawg HuntersCAL DeltaBrentwood, CA3rd
8/17/20Santa Clara Bass BustersBerryessaNapa, CA1st
9/7/20Hawg HuntersCAL DeltaBrentwood, CA1st
9/26 to 9/28FLW Costa Pro AmCAL DeltaBethel Isl, CA45th
5/19/18Hawg HuntersCA DeltaBrentwood, CA1st and Big Bass
6/1 to 6/3Wild West ChampionshipLake OrovilleOroville, CA22nd
9/8/18Hawg HuntersCA DeltaBrentwood, CA3rd
9/27 to 9/29FLW Costa Pro AmCA DeltaBethel Isl, CA92nd

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