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An angler is only as valuable as his ability to create product demand and sales.

Mark is experienced in Media Marketing, Outdoor Writing, Public Speaking, TV, Videos, Tournament Competition, Guiding, Product Management, and Product Testing. These traits give Mark the unique ability to effectively market a wide variety of products.  Mark’s key strengths are working with people, sales, networking, and building relationships.

Mark’s audience consists of over 100,000 bass anglers. Over 10,000 fans on Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In. Bass Angler Magazine and have 100,000’s of anglers visiting annually.  Search “mark lassagne fishing” on Google brings up over 2,000 Web pages, which is more than most touring pro anglers. Working in the fishing industry for 20 years Mark has developed great fan base along with personal relationships with outdoor writers, magazine companies, top professional anglers, fishing show producers, radio show hosts, tournament directors, tackle shops owners, and industry manufacturers.

Mark has several sponsor packages available with programs that include print, tablet, internet, face to face, blogs, mobile billboard and other venues that reach 10’s of 1,000’s of anglers weekly.  If you’re interested in marketing with Mark please email Mark

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