Jeremy with a nice buzz bait fish Aug 30th

Over the last couple months we averaged over 20 fish a day

Most days have started with a good topwater bite. Early August was all about the River2Sea Whopper Plopper 90 in Monkey Butt color but then moving into mid and later August the Gold or White and Chartreuse Revenge buzz bait was better especially when there was a lower tide early in the morning.

On the higher tides fishing the rip rap banks with current the weightless wacky Senko (green pumpkin) was the best lure.

There has also been and off and on wht/cht Revenge Viberator (chatterbait) and River2Sea Biggie Spring Craw crankbait bite fishing shallow on the higher tides and the outside weed line on the lower and outgoing tides. The Viberator usually gets the better-quality fish while the Biggie catches all sizes.

Charlie punched this bass on Aug 26th

The punch bite is also off and on – some days we are catching 15 fish and others only one or two. The state has been actively spraying the vegetation killing off the better areas so usually when we locate a new area it’s only good for a week or so. I did fish a club tournament in mid-August where in practice I had 20 bites then in the tournament I caught 15 fish punching for 13lbs finishing 2nd.

Honestly over the years I never used my electronics much but when you’re on the water every day and things shut down you need all your resources to stay on the fish.

As we moved into the later part of August the shallow Senko bite slowed down some so I started using my electronic a little more especially my Aqua-Vu underwater camera coupled to my Garmin 7612 and noticed quite a few bass out in 10 ft and deeper. After that we started using a weighted wacky rig with green pumpkin and morning dawn 6’ trick worms to target those deeper fish. This method has been pretty fun and accounted for 10 -15 fish a day over the last two weeks in August.


We usually launch from three different marinas Bethel Island – Sugar Barge, Brentwood – Orwood Resort or Byron – River’s End marina.  Generally, the tide and the wind dictate where we launch. If it’s windy we launch south at Rivers end if the wind lays down then Bethel Island and Orwood if it’s in-between.

Daniel enticed this one on a Revenge Buzz Bait

The south Delta can get tough on and outgoing tide if they are pumping water, meaning on an outgoing tide the water is being drawn from the pumps and also the ocean causing a lack of current. Summer bass bite much better in the current.

In the South Delta – Old River, Middle River, Victoria have all been pretty good.  Around Franks has been fair with the better bites around Quimby Island and Connection Slough mostly on the higher tides.

The sloughs just off the main San Joaquin River have also been good, fishing the rocky banks on the higher tides and the weed edges on the lower tides.


Wacky Senko – 7’ medium Okuma Helios spinning rod with a 20 Helios reel – 8lb mono

Weedless wacky worm – 7’1″ Medium Okuma EVX spinning rod with a 20 Inspira reel – 8lb mono

Chatterbait – 7’.3’ Heavy TCS rod with a Helios 7:3.1 reel – 17lb mono

Crankbait – 7’ medium heavy TCS rod with a Helios 7:3.1 ree – 15lb mono

Buzzbait – 7’.3’ Heavy TCS rod with a Helios 7:3.1 ree – 45lb braid

Punching – 7’11” TCS Matt Daddy rod with a Helios 7:3.1 ree65lb Spiderwise stealth braid


5″ Green Pumpkin / Watermelon Senko

6” MM3 Margarita Mutilator Robo Worm

6” Moring Dawn Zoom trick worm

1/8th oz Gamakatsu G-Finesse wacky worm

#2 Gamakatsu weedless wacky

Revenge Viberator

Revenge Buzzbait

River2sea Whopper Plopper 90

River2sea Biggie


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