When you fish tournaments on tidal water, it’s all about timing and you need to figure […]
Mark Lassagne and Bass Angler Magazine tested two marine cleaners to remove hard water spots from […]
Lake Oroville State Recreation Area can be a fun or frustrating place to fish, depending on […]
#image_title Can you learn by not catching a bass? Every time you go bass fishing, it’s […]
By Mark Lassagne At the Bassmasters Classic many years ago, Guy Eaker was telling me about […]
One look at my truck with 6″ lift and blacked-out windows. You can understand how we […]
SMALL BUT DEADLY SPRING TACTIC By Mark Lassagne That adage “bigger baits catch bigger fish” is […]
Open Your Eyes and See What’s Really Down There … By Mark Lassagne Have you ever […]
THE FISHING TIME CRUNCH! By Mark Lassagne Better manage your fishing time! Is there ever enough […]
SUMMER TRANSITIONS By Mark Lassagne Day 1: 50 fish, including 20 3-plus pound smallies, spots and […]
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